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The first few months of instruction served as an opportunity to streamline various aspects of our operation and identify areas of improvement. In this process of analyzing the theoretical and practical lessons as well as the needs of our students, we identified a few students whose literacy levels were below that of their peers. As a result, these students often had reduced

in-class participation and struggled to keep up with theoretical lessons.

To mediate this issue, we devised ways that allow these students to understand the contents of their theoretical lessons until their literacy skill catches up with their peers. This unmet need was addressed by providing more in-class assistance, incorporating supplemental visuals aids, and emphasizing hands-on learning in the field. Providing more visuals of concepts and skills as well as reinforcing them with practical lessons, ensures that these students do not fall behind on their agricultural education while they are improving their reading comprehension ability. Regardless of each student’s starting point, we will provide each one with the specific support he/she requires to meet benchmarks and make the necessary progress.

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