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Effective education takes place in and outside of the classroom and provides opportunities of real life experiences to students. As such, we have taken a step to enrich our students’ theoretical and practical education with a field trip to the International Agricultural and Horticultural Fair (Foire Internationale De L’agriculture et des Ressources Animales) in the capital city Dakar. Organized by the National Consultation and Cooperation Council of Rural (Conseil National Concertation et de Cooperation des Ruraux) and Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Small Projects and Basic Development (Association Senegalaise Pour la Promotion des Petit Projets de Developpement a la Base), this fair brings together institutes, businesses, co-ops, and domestic and international non-profit organizations that are involved in agriculture and animal husbandry across the country. This fair showcases raw and processed agricultural products, poultry animals and cattle, best-practice experiences, and provides networking opportunities.

At the fair, students learned how to create and sustain micro vegetable gardens and were able to ask questions and have discussions with those who professionally work in the agricultural field. Such interactions, allow our students to gain a first-hand experience of the business side of agriculture as well as gain a broader understanding of agriculture in Senegal. It is essential that our students are able to connect the lessons they learn at school to the various real world careers they can establish for themselves. This school trip did exactly that by taking our students out of their environment and showing them the large economic and financial prospect agriculture and animal husbandry holds.

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