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Meet our Students
Meet four of our students an hear their stories on how Africa Leads is making a difference for them

I started elementary school later than most kids do. When my parents could finally afford to pay for school, I had a hard time catching up to my peers and was constantly battling illnesses. My living conditions also made it difficult for me to attend school, as the nearest public school was 5 km away from my home.


When I could no longer afford to pay for advanced studies, I dropped out. Being part of Africa’s Leads’ program has been a great opportunity because ever since I enrolled, I have been thinking of ways I could effectively use my parents’ farmland to start my own business, especially in poultry farming.


I was lucky enough to complete my primary education but I started facing more obstacles during the transition period to middle school. The nearest school was about 4 km away, which often meant that I could not return home for lunch and come back in time to continue with the school day. Things got even more difficult when I started my first year of high school because I suffered a leg injury that limited my mobility, eventually forcing me to drop out because I could not afford transportation. I missed many days of school and therefore could not pass any of my entrance exams.


My parents then told me that an educational program was going to be taking place in Sandiara through an organization called Africa Leads. I am glad I was selected for the program because I now have the opportunity to learn more than what I have been taught in a traditional classroom setting. Through the program, I am gaining a better conception of agriculture and understanding why my parents who happen to be farmers, see so much value in the profession. I am planning on using the skills I learn through the program to help my parents restore their business.

Ever since I was 3, I lived with my aunt in the City of Mbour because my parents believed that I could get a better education outside of my native village. Things were going well until my family started facing financial difficulties and my mom needed an extra hand back in the village to help with household duties. I thought I could continue high school there but the educational standard in the village were not on par, and I could no longer afford classes.


One thing my family does have is land. I want to leverage the education I receive from Africa Leads to develop this land and turn it into a profitable farm.


I finished elementary school but could not afford to enroll and continue right away with asecondary education. This delay caused me to fall behind once I did enter a high school. I had to repeat grade levels and often had difficulties concentrating. I then dropped out to look for a job in the city in order to help support my parents and our family.


I am thankful for the presence of Africa Leads in our rural region as it is giving those of us who are trying to develop their communities a chance to do so.

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